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BMW To Unveil Its First Electric 5-series Sedan, The BMW i5 Is Set To Go On Sale In October

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At the 2023 BMW annual meeting, the automaker announced more details about the new car to us, and at the same time showed us its first pure electric 5 Series model, which is scheduled to The BMW i5 launched in October.

Since the launch of the 5 Series in 1972, BMW has produced more than 10 million 5 Series vehicles in the more than 50 years. However, the BMW 5 Series will get a major upgrade this year: it will be fully electrified.

Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, said at the BMW Group Annual Meeting: "The pure electric BMW i4 M50 demonstrates how BMW perfectly combines dynamic performance and electric mobility. Models. Purely electric performance models from BMW M GmbH will also be included in the new BMW 5 Series Sedan lineup.

According to Zipse, the BMW i5 will be the brand's first electric 5 Series sedan and will give the brand a "truly unique selling point." According to reports, this i5 is scheduled to be launched in October, and will then "tour" around the world in 2024. BMW said it will continue to expand its pure electric lineup.

Production of the new car is expected to start in the next few months at the Dingolfing plant in southern Bravia, BMW's largest manufacturing plant in Europe. BMW said the i5 will maintain its traditional position between the company's midsize sedan, the 3 Series, and its luxury sedan, the 7 Series.

While no pricing was announced, BMW hinted that the brand would bring a "low-priced electric car" to its lineup, but several rivals, including Mercedes-Benz, have apparently dropped lower-priced models.

The all-new 5 Series is "more dynamic and comfortable than ever" with iDrive 8.5, the curved display on BMW's iX electric SUV, and new digital services.

In addition, BMW also confirmed that the i5 sedan will usher in a high-performance M version and a wagon version. Zipse said that after the electric BMW i450 became the best-selling BMW M model in 2022, the BMW 5 Series lineup will also welcome a pure electric M car, claiming: The pure electric BMW i4 M50 shows how BMW combines power performance and electronics. The perfect combination of mobility.

BMW said its orders remained ample due to its attractive lineup of all-electric vehicles, but remained cautious in 2023 amid rising interest rates and inflation.

Pickpook is not yet clear about the specifications of the i5 M (which can be called the i5 M60), but considering its size is close to the M5 fuel car, we expect it to bring the ultimate performance similar to the Tesla Model S Plaid.

BMW also confirmed that the new 5 Series will not just be petrol and electric. "The flexible powertrain architecture means that the new BMW 5 Series Sedan can offer pure electric and plug-in hybrid models, and adopt a 48V mild hybrid system."

In fact, BMW revealed a lot at its annual conference, especially about electric vehicles. BMW has confirmed that the upcoming redesigned X2 will be joined by an all-electric version called the iX2. The car will be unveiled later this year alongside the new iX1.

WhatsApp Will Allow User To Hide Phone Number, Probably With Nicknames And Will Improve Groups

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WhatsApp is making itself heard a lot in this period even if, it must be said, there are more functions it announces than those that are actually released.

One of the biggest differences between WhatsApp and Telegram is the method of registering and viewing accounts. WhatsApp is based only on phone numbers while Telegram also allows you to have a NickName, which is very useful for maintaining privacy.

Despite the end-to-end encryption and all the security systems integrated into WhatsApp, this application has a huge limit in terms of privacy: just create a group and add several participants to make the phone number of all members public, even those who don't know each other.

In fact, in a group, anyone who is not present among our contacts in the address book will still obtain our entire telephone number, which can be taken, saved and redistributed without control.

At the moment there is no way to hide your number but it seems that WhatsApp is finally working on it.

Another function in the works, together with the temporary groups we have already talked about, concerns the addition of the profile photo within the groups.

In order to make the conversation easier to follow, each chat bubble will be associated with the profile photo of the person who wrote that message.

Australia Launches Responsible AI Network

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Ed Husic, Australia's Federal Minister for Science and Industry, announced on March 16 the Responsible AI Network at the National AI Center (NAIC) of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

General (CSIRO). This network - focusing on the six core pillars of law, standards, principles, governance, leadership and technology - will help businesses capitalize on the opportunities presented by emerging AI technologies.

CSIRO, AI is likely to be worth AUD 22.17 trillion ($14.7 trillion) in the global economy by 2030. However, Ms. Stela Solar - NAIC Director - thinks the creation of AI Carelessness can have major consequences, including ethical issues and data breaches.

“No country in the world has yet created responsible AI, but Australia is taking a big step forward by collaborating across the ecosystem to share best practices and meet the regulatory landscape,” she stressed.

Responsible AI Network provides a unique service: guidance and practical coaching from experts in law, standards, principles, governance, leadership and technology to ensure capabilities explanation, fairness and accountability integrated in Australian AI systems".

The announcement of the Responsible AI Network comes two days after the NAIC released a report on the adoption of AI by businesses. The survey was conducted among 200 business leaders and AI service providers.

The results showed that businesses generated an average of AUD 361,315 ($240,000) in additional revenue from each AI initiative they launched. The report also highlights the importance of a responsible approach to AI, calling on business leaders to take responsibility for their systems.

FBI Declares A Vietnam Man Wanted For Money Laundry Worth $3 Billion In Virtual Currency

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On March 16, Sputnik radio quoted the US Department of Justice as saying that ChipMixer was dismantled due to its involvement in fraudulent activities, money laundering, hackers, private network market (darknet) ...

US authorities have coordinated with the German federal criminal police to carry out an operation to take down ChipMixer, confiscate servers and more than $ 46 million in cryptocurrency.

"This morning (Main coordination with domestic and foreign partners, the US Department of Justice disabled a cryptocurrency mixing tool that helps promote malware attacks. , state-sponsored purchases of cryptocurrencies and purchases in private network markets globally," the US Department of Justice said in a statement.

The US Department of Justice emphasizes that it will do everything to protect victims and fight criminals in the field of cryptocurrency, and asserts that the ChipMixer crackdown in particular has disrupted dangerous criminal activity. for global cybersecurity.

According to the allegation, from August 2017 to March 2023, ChipMixer was responsible for handling bitcoins used by a foreign intelligence agency. This allegation was first revealed in a joint cybersecurity advisory that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the US National Security Agency (NSA) released in August 2020.

Washington also accused ChipMixer of processing nearly $1 billion in bitcoin linked to stolen funds or private network markets during the same period. Some of the funds are believed to be linked to North Korean hackers.

Regarding the ChipMixer case, US authorities have charged Minh Quoc Nguyen, a Vietnamese citizen, with money laundering, operating an unauthorized money transfer network and stealing other people's personal information. The maximum sentence for these crimes is 40 years in prison.

Minh Quoc Nguyen, born in 1973, is from Quang Binh. Minh Quoc Nguyen was charged on March 14 and is wanted by the FBI.

According to the court indictment, ChipMixer allowed customers to send bitcoins, then mix them with the bitcoins of other ChipMixer users, making it difficult for law enforcement and regulators to track their transactions.

ChipMixer serves a wide range of customers in the US but is not registered with the US Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) nor does it collect identifying information about its customers.

Bank Of England Worried About The Crisis At Credit Suisse

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The news comes amid turmoil at Credit Suisse, stoking fears of a widespread banking crisis that is reshaping international financial conditions on a daily, even hourly basis.

However, the Bank of England have declined to comment about this issue.

Shares of Credit Suisse fell more than 20% on March 15, after the chairman of Saudi Nation Bank - Credit Suisse's largest money provider - announced that it would no longer provide financial support, although still rated Credit Suisse is a strong bank.

After European markets closed, the Swiss National Bank issued a statement saying it would provide additional liquidity support to Credit Suisse if needed. This news helped Credit Suisse's shares recover a bit, ending the trading day down 14%.

On March 14, Credit Suisse announced that it had discovered a "significant weakness" in the financial reporting process of previous years.

Shares of other European banks also fell, with Deutsche Bank losing 6.8%.

Many major US banks also suffered damage. Shares of Wells Fargo fell more than 3%, Goldman Sachs fell 3%, JP Morgan 4.7%, and Citigroup 5.4%.

Top 3 Best Travel Insurance Companies For USA In March 2023

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One of your safety measures to take as a traveler is getting yourself a good travel insurance company you can confide in. Of course, travel has changed, so are the processes.

With high prices, changing labor market, and the pandemic still fresh on our mind, we can't afford to take the risk of traveling to a new destination without having our travel insurance.

Be it that you're going on a sudden road trip or you're traveling outside the country for months for a long adventure, study, or job seeking, travel insurance gives you that peace of mind you need in these unpredictable moments.

Meanwhile, we have carefully listed out the best travel insurance companies for 2023 which can guarantee your safety, finances, and belongings while you're abroad.

Top 3 Best Insurance Companies For March 2023:


The best travel insurance company you can rely on for families because two of its plans include coverage for children under 17 at no additional cost.

However, the Insurance company features two main plans for international trips –Travel Basic and Travel Select–plus: a Travel America plan for trips in the United States. The two plans, Travel Select and Travel America include children 17 and under in its pricing.

For an affordable plan that is perfect for backpackers, students, small groups or those on a budget, the Travel Basic plan is the suitable one to go with. These plans, however, cover trip cancellation and interruption at 100% of trip cost and offer up to $2,000 for trip delays or missed connections.

On the other hand is the Travel Select plan which allows travelers to customize their plans with upgrades such as additional medical benefits, a “cancel for any reason” option, car rental collision insurance and adventure sports coverage. Travelex also offers a pre-existing condition waiver when you buy the Travel Select plan within 15 days of the first trip payment.

Advantages of using Travelex Insurance Company:

  • Flight insurance plans available
  • Pre-existing conditions waiver
  • Several upgrades available.


  • Upgrades not available for the Basic plan
  • Customer service has limited operating hours


For business and frequent travelers, Allianz Insurance company happens to be the best plan because of its annual travel plan.

Allianz has a handful of excellent plans offering a wide range of options from basic cancellation benefits to a multi-trip business travel plan. These plans however include a 24-hour multilingual assistance hotline and the TravelSmart App which gives quick access to travel advisories, local medical facilities, mobile claims filing, and much more.

For frequent travelers, Allianz’s AllTrips Executive plan is designed to make business trips a whole lot easier. This plan provides coverage for cancellation, interruption, emergency medical and transportation. It also includes rental car damage and theft, business equipment coverage (for lost, stolen, damaged or delayed equipment) and covers any reasonable costs incurred in renting replacement business equipment.

Another one of Allianz’ highlights is its lack of age restrictions (most other insurers do) and some of its plans cover kids 17 and under when traveling with a parent or grandparent.

Advantages of using Allianz Insurance company:

  • Epidemic coverage endorsement
  • Allianz TravelSmart App
  • Annual plan geared to business travelers
  • 24-hour multilingual assistance hotline.


  • Low medical coverage
  • No "cancel for any reason" benefit.

HTH Travel Insurance:

For best long-term international travel, HTH Travel Insurance company stands out, especially for expats and students.

HTH Travel Insurance offers comprehensive medical insurance for individuals and families traveling outside their home country for at least three months out of the year. This Xplorer Plan has no deductible for office visits, no waiting periods for preventive care services and eliminates the pre-existing condition waiting period when the insured has proof of prior creditable coverage.

HTH Travel Insurance also offers international health insurance for students with flexible trip duration options. This plan has an unlimited annual and lifetime medical care maximum and includes contraceptive services and supplies, as well as prescriptions. In addition to unlimited telemedicine services, the plan covers medically necessary COVID-19 testing and treatment.

HTH Travel Insurance also provides access to global health and safety services which include 24/7 call assistance, access to elite international doctors and hospitals and translated medical terms.

Advantages of using HTH Travel Insurance company:

  • Travel medical insurance for groups of 5 or more
  • International expatriate comprehensive coverage
  • App mPassport to find doctors, pharmacies, and translations of drug names
  • Pet medical expenses coverage.


  • 12-hour wait for bag delay coverage (24 hours under the economy plan)
  • "Cancel for any reason" option only offered in the Preferred plan
  • Participants must be enrolled in a primary health plan to be eligible for the multi-trip plan.

Artificial intelligence GPT-4 Exam Finally Wins Human Mock Lawyer Exam Scores Over 90% Candidates

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OpenAI has launched a new version of the GPT-4 artificial intelligence suite, which has greatly improved language capabilities and image processing capabilities. And the "test scores" of this new artificial intelligence have also improved by leaps and bounds.

In the simulated lawyer exam, the "chartered boat" ranked in the bottom 10% of candidates in the GPT-3.5 era jumped to the top 10%, and the test scores were 90% ahead. Humanity.

The artificial intelligence kit GPT-4 made with the deep learning model has reached the human level on a professional and academic basis.

This time, GPT-4 not only achieved good results in the mock bar exam, but also scored 700 out of 800 points in the mathematics test of the American Academic Ability Test SAT.

However, GPT-4 still has shortcomings. It only scored 2 points in the AP English and Writing and AP American exams. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman pointed out that the AI engine is still flawed and its capabilities are still limited.

In the latest GPT-4 artificial intelligence model, an image input mechanism and more language expression capabilities have been added. However, OpenAI has not disclosed the details of the training method, scale, and data used in the training process.
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