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Australia Launches Responsible AI Network

According to the report from a correspondent in Sydney, the Australian Government has launched a network

Thursday, 16 March 2023

/ by Gabriel Okenwa
Ed Husic, Australia's Federal Minister for Science and Industry, announced on March 16 the Responsible AI Network at the National AI Center (NAIC) of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

General (CSIRO). This network - focusing on the six core pillars of law, standards, principles, governance, leadership and technology - will help businesses capitalize on the opportunities presented by emerging AI technologies.

CSIRO, AI is likely to be worth AUD 22.17 trillion ($14.7 trillion) in the global economy by 2030. However, Ms. Stela Solar - NAIC Director - thinks the creation of AI Carelessness can have major consequences, including ethical issues and data breaches.

“No country in the world has yet created responsible AI, but Australia is taking a big step forward by collaborating across the ecosystem to share best practices and meet the regulatory landscape,” she stressed.

Responsible AI Network provides a unique service: guidance and practical coaching from experts in law, standards, principles, governance, leadership and technology to ensure capabilities explanation, fairness and accountability integrated in Australian AI systems".

The announcement of the Responsible AI Network comes two days after the NAIC released a report on the adoption of AI by businesses. The survey was conducted among 200 business leaders and AI service providers.

The results showed that businesses generated an average of AUD 361,315 ($240,000) in additional revenue from each AI initiative they launched. The report also highlights the importance of a responsible approach to AI, calling on business leaders to take responsibility for their systems.

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