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iPhone Makes It Easy To Find Your Car In The Parking Lot, Here's How To Pair Your iPhone With Your Car

Instead of going around the parking lot looking for your car, you can use your iPhone to find it. How to use Apple Carplay to locate your car in garag

Sunday, 12 March 2023

/ by Gabriel Okenwa
The Apple Map app has a built-in feature that helps you to quickly locate your vehicle where it is parked.

Specifically when you disconnect your iPhone from your car's CarPlay or Bluetooth - a marker will be included in Apple Maps.

Before that, however, there are some things you need to do to be able to track and find your car wherever it is parked.

How To Find Your Car Using Your iPhone:

Step 1: Pair iPhone with your car:

First, your car needs to have Bluetooth or the CarPlay app, then you have to pair your iPhone with it.

Step 2: Enable "Location Services":

In order for Apple Maps to remember where you last parked your car, you need to make sure that Location Services is turned on in Settings on your iPhone.

Go to Settings => Privacy & Security and make sure Location Services is turned on.

Step 3: Turn on "Significant Locations":

Significant Locations is usually enabled by default. However, you can check on iPhone by opening Settings => Privacy & Security => Location Services => System Services => Significant Locations.

Step 4: Turn on "Show Parked Location":

Show Parked Location in Apple Maps can be turned on by opening Settings => Maps and activating Show Parked Location.

Step 5: Use Apple Maps to find a car:

To make sure you'll find your car, you need to make sure your iPhone is connected to your vehicle while you're driving, and when you park, you'll receive a notification from Apple telling you where the car is parked and when you open Apple Maps., you can see an icon to see where your vehicle is.

You should also note that some problems can still occur that cause the parking location search to be inaccurate. Specifically if you frequently park your car in the same spot - Apple Maps won't re-mark that location.

In addition, the above feature may not work well in rural areas, multi-storey car parks.

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